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Spend Your Time Listening, Not Cleaning – The Clearaudio Double Matrix Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine

By David Galea. For those of us that love the feel and sound of a record and high-end home audio, we know the maintenance can get annoying sometimes. The cleaning of vinyl records is a key part of maintaining a quality collection. Clean records sound better than dirty ones, and really clean records sound better still. But bath time for your … Read More »

Vandersteen KĒNTO review

By Jim Guido. In this concise review, Jim Guido expresses his opinion about the Vandersteen Kento Speakers and why The Absolute Sound Magazine has chosen the Kentos to be the 2021 Ultra-High-End Loudspeaker of the Year and 2022 Editor's Choice. The Vandersteen KĒNTO is a wonderful loudspeaker. Richard and Nathan have achieved a balance between a rigorous respect for the music playing … Read More »

Meze Elite Review

By Carl Seibert. Not many years ago, if a high-end manufacturer introduced a new $4,000 flagship headphone, it would be “the best headphone in the world”. And that may have been arguably true until the next best headphone in the world came along. Fast forward to 2021; Now we have at least a half dozen such flagships, and they’re all extremely good … Read More »

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