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Why Is My Wi-Fi So Slow And What Can I Do About It

Since its inception, the Internet has become one of the world’s top resources; speed, security, and accessibility have been constantly discussed. From screaming dial-up tones to screaming at your computer to load faster, it’s clear the internet has evolved. Now, it’s time to evolve your network solution as well as your integrator. Over the years countless professionals and “experts” have come … Read More »

Understanding Today’s Home Technology and Infrastructure Options Webinar Recording

Introduction: In this CEDIA Webinar, learn all the different types of technology available to you for your home and property. Learn when the best time to contact an electronic system professional is, what exactly they can do for you, how easy they can make your home's future and current automation, and how simple your life can become with a proper system … Read More »

Secure Your Home Wifi Network & Protect Your Personal Information From Hackers

In our day-to-day lives, the security of our home Wi-Fi is not our first thought. In fact, we don’t even think about our networks until they “go down” or get hacked. We take Wi-Fi for granted, and as a result, we push it out of our consciousness. When we ignore our network, we are giving cyber attackers an easy entrance … Read More »

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