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Making Homes Smarter with Business-Class Network Solutions

A new wave is shaking up Boca Raton's residential sector, and it all starts with an innovative approach to home networking. Boca Raton's technology industry has always been a hotbed of pioneering ideas. Among these, one that has generated considerable excitement is the adoption of high-performance, business-class network solutions for residential use. Spearheaded by BTA, the results, unsurprisingly, have been … Read More »

State-of-the-Art Cisco Meraki Access Points Let You Roam Your Home

Powerful Internet that Keeps Itself Strong Imagine you're traversing your house, leisurely strolling from one end to the other. As you walk, your phone, which is connected to your home Wi-Fi, moves further and further from the current access point (AP). Your phone’s Wi-Fi signal weakens as the distance increases, and naturally, this causes your Wi-Fi speed to slow down, possibly … Read More »

The Importance of Concierge Services for Residential Networks

In today's digital age, businesses are not the only ones relying on advanced network solutions. Universities, sports arenas, public centers, and more, all rely on cutting-edge network solutions to provide safe and secure networking to thousands of people at once. But residential areas are quickly becoming hotbeds of technological advancement and need a way for their network to keep up.Streaming … Read More »

Home Information Technology: As Important as Plumbing, Electrical, and Mechanical

By Jeff Galea. When you shop for a car, you take for granted that certain things are included: a motor, wheels, anti-lock or even automatic braking, head and interior lights, windshield wipers, cruise control, rear camera, keyless entry, security, heating/cooling, a music system, maybe navigation, and a control system with a touchscreen. Pretty much all that’s left for you to choose … Read More »

Optimizing Lighting Control Systems with Ketra

By David Galea. Lighting should come with no limits! While you may realize its role in normal daily life, the impact is actually much larger than you can imagine. From setting the mood and ambiance to ensuring well-being and health, your home’s lighting can do so many things. That’s why you should invest in intelligent lighting control systems by reputed brands, … Read More »

KEF Designs a High End Stereo Equipment for the Lotus Eletre

By Ron Lennox No, we do not sell Car Audio…nor do we plan to. So, why are we sharing this article about the KEF speaker system in the upcoming Lotus Eletre? Let me tell you. We are a KEF hifi equipment dealer for home audio; we love the speakers, and we use a lot of them in our high end stereo systems … Read More »

Why is Stressless® Luxury Furniture considered pure comfort?

By David Galea. Did you know that most furniture is built with a 5-foot-10-inch, 165-pound male in mind? Did you know that this demographic only makes up about 2% of the Earth’s population? It’s ok if you didn’t, there really isn’t any reason as to why you should know that, but we do know and so does Ekornes Stressless®. BTA is … Read More »

UST vs. TV

Learn the difference between Ultra-Short Throw Projectors and a TV.   Recently, BTA has been creating more “multipurpose” and effective media rooms. Simply put, it's a room that can be used all day long without the need to change venues from sunup to sundown. When creating these rooms one of the most important things is the entertainment, we wanted a room that … Read More »

Precautions BTA is taking regarding the pandemic Coronavirus – COVID19

Precautions BTA is taking regarding the pandemic Coronavirus - COVID19 Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends - Here at BTA we have updated our policies to do our part to slow down the spread of COVID19.  We are fortunate to have had an ongoing dialog with Dr. Jerome Galea, Ph.D. in population health, with over 25 years of expertise in infectious disease control … Read More »

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