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Is your home’s foundation strong enough?

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Worried about the power in your home? Watch this new video by our partner, Rosewater, to learn about the three main pillars that your home is built around and the foundation that holds those pillars into place. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing all held together by Power’s all-inclusive web, that without, the entire home would become nothing more than a roof with some walls.
Learn which aspects each pillar controls, like Mechanical’s heating, A/C, and ventilation or how Electricals’ switches and outlets are completely useless without power, or how Plumbing disposal capabilities diminish immensely without the assistance of power. Learn how the foundation, Power, can be evolved into a military grade solution that all but guarantees stable unending power at all times.


Traditionally, the infrastructure of a house has been divided into three broad categories. Mechanical, consisting of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and exhaust systems. Electrical, high voltage wiring, switches, and outlets. Plumbing pipes for hot and cold water and waste disposal. Today, we want to discuss what is becoming an increasingly critical but often ignored fourth category – Information technology.

It includes communication, networking, security, entertainment, and control systems. One of the functions of the information technology category is to monitor and control the entire infrastructure including the electrical, mechanical, and plumbing categories. The information technology infrastructure is made up of a large number of sensors and microprocessors. Those critical devices depend on high-quality uninterrupted power for optimal performance and longevity.  And, since those sensors and processors control and monitor all or parts of the entire infrastructure, a case can be made that the entire infrastructure is dependent on high quality reliable power as its foundation. If the foundation is weak the house will be weak.

The difficulty has been finding a high-capacity device that will ensure the perfect power necessary for the entire IT infrastructure. RoseWater has designed the most complete, highest quality residential Energy Management product in the industry, the SB20. It is the only product that provides perfect power at all times with zero transfer time. Military grade, non-sacrificial lightning protection, large-scale battery backup up to 86 kilowatts, renewable integration of up to 10 kilowatts of solar power, electrical circuit protection for up to 200 amps, and significant redundancy to protect against failure.

Complete client satisfaction starts with a solid foundation! The RoseWater SB20 is the best foundation product available. RoseWater – Simply the Best!

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