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Why is Stressless® Luxury Furniture considered pure comfort?

Stressless View Recliners

By David Galea.

Did you know that most furniture is built with a 5-foot-10-inch, 165-pound male in mind? Did you know that this demographic only makes up about 2% of the Earth’s population? It’s ok if you didn’t, there really isn’t any reason as to why you should know that, but we do know and so does Ekornes Stressless®. BTA is more than just Automation and simplified living, we’re comfort and security. We’re a company built around ease of use and maximum functionality, with that said, we choose the items we sell and our partners very carefully, making sure to provide only the best options available.

Stressless Emily

Ekornes Stressless® seating, better known as just Stressless®, is a Norwegian company not only pursuing perfect posture but also maximum comfort. Being endorsed by the ACA (American Chiropractic Association), Stressless® aims to prevent back pain through ergonomic seating designs in order to fit a variety of consumers not just an outdated consumer base representing only 2% of the population. If you’re going to be enjoying BTA’s entertainment options, why not do it in the most comfortable seating in the world?

Boca Tech and Automation Stressless 1

Like everything else there is a wrong way to sit and there is a right way to sit; feet need to be flat on the floor, knees slightly higher than the hips, and the person’s head directly over the top of their shoulders. If you can sit this way in normal chairs without forcing yourself then congrats you’re part of the 2%! For most others they’ll struggle to find a good position, seated with legs over the armrests, hunched over elbows to knees, or maybe even slouched to the point it causes long term problems. With Stressless® chairs all you need to do is find the right size for you and sit down, the natural recline will keep your posture correct and your spine perfectly comfortable.
Get a chair personalized for your body type, not just its colors and design. Try the different sizes and feels of the different chairs and fabrics. From the moment you sit down in Stressless® furniture you can tell immediately that it’s on a different level compared to other name brand furniture. Putting aside the multiple leather qualities as well as other fiber materials, the 8 wood finishes, over 50 leather colors, 17 recliner models, and 15 sofa models – you can still choose if you want dining or office chairs if you aren’t looking for a recliner or sofa. Stressless® even carries accessories hand crafted to match the piece you choose!

Stressless Design Studio

For a technology company that got its start by primarily creating Home Theaters, seating has always been an extremely important part of our business. Much like technology and its many different uses, each person’s spine is unique – Stressless® chairs vary in the fact that every single one of their chairs’ “insides” is technically identical, it’s only the exterior that’s different. With patented Plus-System, Glide-System, and BalanceAdapt-Systems each Stressless® chair boasts the same capabilities even if they look different.

Stressless recliner table IMG 0029 LR

That said, the chairs will feel different due to the padding position and style but if you were to remove the outer layer of every Stressless® model, then the skeletons of the chairs would be identical. The frame is adaptable enough to allow this while still supporting your spine in any position.
So why go shopping if all these chairs are “the same”? Because finding the right padding style, size, color, fabric, and more should be done in person. You want to know exactly what you’re getting and what it will feel like when you sit in it – the only way to do that is in person. So come into Boca Tech and Automation to see and sit in the most comfortable furniture in the world, from office chairs and love seats to recliners and sectionals we’ve got an impressive supply of Stressless® ready to show you what you’ve been missing!

Stressless Tokyo

Call or email us today at (561) 999-9024 – or see us Monday through Friday 9am-5pm or Saturdays 10am-5pm at 9020 Kimberly Blvd, Boca Raton FL, 33434, we can’t wait to meet you!

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By David Galea – David, as a part of our Marketing and Customer Experience Departments, is always searching for and writing about innovative solutions that fit into our company’s and our clients’ needs.

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