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Vandersteen KĒNTO review

Vandersteen Kento back of the speaker

By Jim Guido.

In this concise review, Jim Guido expresses his opinion about the Vandersteen Kento Speakers and why The Absolute Sound Magazine has chosen the Kentos to be the 2021 Ultra-High-End Loudspeaker of the Year and 2022 Editor’s Choice.

The Vandersteen KĒNTO is a wonderful loudspeaker. Richard and Nathan have achieved a balance between a rigorous respect for the music playing and the ability to easily integrate into almost any room. If you want to forget about audiophile concerns and simply be close to the music, then the KĒNTO’s are a must listen. Let’s break the audiophile equipment down:

Setup: While Vandersteen speakers require careful setup by a trained professional, that pro has the tools to make the speaker sing in almost any environment. All rooms have issues in the base frequencies. The KĒNTO gives us a way to make the low frequencies right without compromising the signal. Ingenious in function and simplicity, a true piece of high end stereo equipment.

Brad OToole from Vandersteen and HRS and Jim Guido from Boca Tech Hifi
Brad O’Toole from Vandersteen and HRS (right) and Jim Guido from Boca Tech Hifi (left) fine-tuning the Kentos in the listening room.

Sound: Because of the use of exclusively first order crossovers (technical term for a circuit that decides what sounds go to what driver in the speaker), and the technology to get the room out of the way, the KĒNTO’s are a truly compelling piece of hifi equipment. Good recordings are presented with an insightful nuance that frequently raises goose bumps. What about all that music we love that’s not recorded so well? The KĒNTO’s present those in a very musical, palatable way. A speaker everyone can live with.

HiFi Kento Carbon TAS 2021 Product of the Year and 2022 Editor's choice
HiFi Kento Carbon TAS 2021 Product of the Year and 2022 Editor’s choice.

The Absolute Sound: The Absolute Sound Magazine, a hifi equipment magazine, Awards the KĒNTO Carbon, Ultra-High-End Loudspeaker of the Year. Reviewer Andre Jennings further adds that the speaker possesses “extraordinary cohesiveness”. Solidity, timbre accuracy, and highly realistic, and truthful bass also describe this speaker.

Please call Jim G. at Boca Tech and Automation to audition, your local hifi audio store, at (561) 336-9600 or email

Specs and Pricing:
Type: Dynamic loudspeaker with Active Bass
Tweeter: 1″ exclusive Aerodynamic Dual-Chamber with a Transmission-Line-Loaded Carbon Dome
Midrange: 4.5″ patented Perfect Piston
Mid/Woofer: 6.5″ Woven-Fiber Cone
Woofer: Two 9″ Aluminum Drivers with Long-Throw Motor Assemblies
Frequency response: 23Hz–40kHz (±3dB)
Subwoofer Amplifier: 400W Class B High-Current with Fully Regulated Switching Power Supply
Impedance: 8 ohms (±3 ohms)
Crossovers: First-order/6dB per octave, 200Hz, 900Hz, 5000Hz
Sensitivity: 87dB (2.83v @ 1 meter)
Recommended amplification: 40W-to-200W into 8 ohms
Dimensions: 12″ x 47″ x 19″
Weight: Approx. 170 lbs. each
Price: $41,700

Now that you’ve learned the capabilities of these amazing KENTO speakers and why they won two awards from the same magazine at once, it’s time to come in and see them for yourself! Learn about true HiFi audio and all the components that go into the system, not just the speakers. Feel what true music can sound like with a demo. Spend a Saturday at Boca Tech HiFi with Jim Guido, just come in anytime between 11am-5pm or contact him today at (561) 336-9600 –

Jim Guido is a HiFi Specialist at Boca Tech HiFi, a new high-end audio store in South Florida. BTA HiFi is a division of the well-established Home Theater provider Boca Tech And Automation. Boca Tech HiFi will strive to be the premier provider of audiophile equipment to the tri-county area and a destination for audiophiles to enjoy conversations about music and good sound.

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