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How to Build a Smart Kitchen

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No matter how hard you try to convince your friends and family to hang out in the living room, everyone always ends up in the kitchen. Kids, family, and guests congregate around your island and maybe even get underfoot as you prep meals. Owning a smart kitchen makes your life easier and more fun by automating your kitchen tasks and entertainment.

In this article, we will break down how you can design a luxury kitchen by paying special attention to 4 areas of home technology automation. Quiet family dinners and raucous cocktail parties alike will run smoothly with these smart kitchen integrations.

Give Yourself Control

In the kitchen, timing is everything. Hands free and remote control let you find – and stay in – your rhythm. Imagine that you are chopping ingredients for dinner and you suddenly remember that you need to preheat the oven. Rather than putting down the knife, rinsing your hands, and walking over to the oven, you simply say, “Preheat the oven to 375.” And, voila! You can keep chopping while your oven preheats.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator
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Have you ever left your house and wondered aloud, “Did I leave the coffee maker on?” Remote device access allows you to check by opening your home app. If you left it on, you can turn it off with the tap of a button.

Other potentials for smart control in the kitchen include your refrigerator, warming drawers, dishwasher, ice maker, and wine chiller. Voice controlled appliances are a major kitchen trend for 2017, so you can bet on even more possibilities in the near future.

Kitchen appliance companies, like GE and Samsung, are keeping pace with a myriad of convenient integrations. For example, you can pull up a recipe on your iPad and “push” it to your oven, so the oven automatically preheats. In addition, you can monitor ice levels and tell your freezer to ramp up ice production if people are coming over for drinks. Samsung’s Family Hub gives you the power to see inside your fridge through a touch screen panel. Custom control for your smart kitchen gives you a sous chef and personal assistant in one for your everyday activities and special occasions.

Set the Scene, Any Scene

When performing tasks in the kitchen, you need direct and powerful light to illuminate your workspace. When you get home after work, however, you want to relax with a soothing low-lit scene. Or maybe you like to cook dinner with your favorite sitcom on the kitchen TV.

Preset scenes let you program lighting, blinds, appliances, and entertainment to your preference for recipe prep, entertaining, homework around the island, and more. Your preset scenes give you the power to easily adjust your entertainment, lighting, temperature, and sound for any mood or task.

Whole home audio allows you to tap into your favorite playlists for every scene. Integrated TVs and touch pads bring your kitchen to life through video. Smart climate control lowers the temperature when you start cooking, keeping your kitchen comfortable, even with the oven set to 425 and 4 burners in use. Automated lights and blinds allow you to harness natural light and save energy when possible. Water-resistant tablets and touch pads put your entertainment at your fingertips in the wall, behind the sink, or on your island.

With preset scenes and complete control, your smart kitchen will make the heart of the home even more enjoyable. Automated scenes also free up your time, adjusting lighting, temperature, sound, and appliances in one touch.

Make It a Double

What do two ovens, two sinks, and two dishwashers have in common? They make it easier to entertain for and clean up after a crowd. Whether that crowd is your family of 5 or a dinner party for 30, you can increase

GE Double In-Wall Oven
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the power of your kitchen with two of each of these useful appliances. In fact, double appliances are becoming standard issue for luxury homes. What can you do with two of everything? Twice as much!

Two ovens allow you to perfectly time your meal prep, even if two dishes require different temperatures. Green beans at 425 and scalloped potatoes at 350, no problem. With two dishwashers, you can keep loading even while one is running.

If you have kids, then you know how many dishes, cups, and utensils a family can go through. Hint: a lot. For the entertainer, two dishwashers makes cleaning up as you cook a breeze- clearing valuable counter space and freeing up your hands for a glass of wine. Two sinks give you easy access to water right where you need it. By doubling up on your most used appliances, you can bring a new level of functionality and versatility to your kitchen.

Tie Into the Rest of Your Home

A true smart kitchen is not a one-off experience; it ties into the rest of your home technology systems. For example, in-wall panels in the kitchen communicate with your security cameras to broadcast a live feed of your front gate or door when a visitor arrives.

In addition to security integrations, your kitchen can be controlled from other rooms for ultimate convenience. You can use the touch panel in your bedroom to start the coffee maker, turn off lights, or preheat the oven for a breakfast casserole.

If you can dream up an automation, it can become a reality. Before you take the smart kitchen plunge, spend some time making a list of your priorities. What is the most important kitchen functionality for you? Do you want to streamline your cooking process, entertain your guests, or automate your morning routine? The possibilities for your smart kitchen are endless! You can see our current home technology favorites here for even more inspiration.

Now, if only there was a smart kitchen integration to clear the dinner table.

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