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Understanding Today’s Home Technology and Infrastructure Options Webinar Recording

Introduction: In this CEDIA Webinar, learn all the different types of technology available to you for your home and property. Learn when the best time to contact an electronic system professional is, what exactly they can do for you, how easy they can make your home's future and current automation, and how simple your life can become with a proper system … Read More »

Is your home’s foundation strong enough?

Worried about the power in your home? Watch this new video by our partner, Rosewater, to learn about the three main pillars that your home is built around and the foundation that holds those pillars into place. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing all held together by Power's all-inclusive web, that without, the entire home would become nothing more than a roof … Read More »

Trends for Smart Home Technology in 2021

Home Tech and Trends that, not only us, but our experts predict will be dominating the ever-changing world we are living through today. Hello Tech Enthusiasts! With technology updating and changing basically every week, we thought it would be helpful if we could lead the way into the future as best we could. We put this blog together to talk about … Read More »

Koolik Tech Corner – Inspirational Home Offices

A home office crafted to your specifications with everything you're going to need to keep your life running from home. Stay inspired to continue your busy life even from home. COVID-19 may be distancing us from each other and keeping us from our workplaces but, with your home office, you can stay connected, informed, and on top of your game. … Read More »

CE Pro’s top 100!

That's right! BTA has done it again! CE Pro's top 100! This is a list of custom installation companies nationwide ranked by highest revenue. Factors like City/State, number of full-time employees, and more are all taken into account before only 100 are left to come up with this list. In 2008 BTA was honored with its first appearance on CE Pro's … Read More »

The House of the year

Although BTA did not fly out to Hawaii to help create this masterpiece, their process and the trust in their architect is what BTA hopes to achieve with its clients. No matter what you build or who you build it with, design is extremely important. Working with someone you trust is extremely important, especially when it comes to your home … Read More »

BTA receives two important recognitions: CE PRO’s Top 100 and the HTA Certification.

“BTA is honored to be part of CE PRO’s Top 100 integrators in the nation for the 11th consecutive year. This honor, coupled with our inclusion in Home Technology Association at the ESTATE level, is a testament to the hard work and passion by the entire BTA team”. - Jeff Galea, BTA founder and President. BTA has been on the CEPro … Read More »

Secure Your Home Wifi Network & Protect Your Personal Information From Hackers

Most of us go about our days without thinking much about the wifi in our homes. In fact, we don’t even think about our networks until they “go down” or get hacked. We take wifi for granted and as a result, we push it out of our consciousness. When we ignore our network, we are giving cyber attackers an easy … Read More »

How to Build a Smart Kitchen

Designing a kitchen that inspires & delights you. No matter how hard you try to convince your friends and family to hang out in the living room, everyone always ends up in the kitchen. Kids, family, and guests congregate around your island and maybe even get underfoot as you prep meals. Owning a smart kitchen makes your life easier and more … Read More »

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