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UST vs. TV

Learn the difference between Ultra-Short Throw Projectors and a TV.   Recently, BTA has been creating more “multipurpose” and effective media rooms. Simply put, it's a room that can be used all day long without the need to change venues from sunup to sundown. When creating these rooms one of the most important things is the entertainment, we wanted a room that … Read More »

Understanding Today’s Home Technology and Infrastructure Options Webinar Recording

Introduction: In this CEDIA Webinar, learn all the different types of technology available to you for your home and property. Learn when the best time to contact an electronic system professional is, what exactly they can do for you, how easy they can make your home's future and current automation, and how simple your life can become with a proper system … Read More »

What really makes a Home Theater?

So, you want to build a Home Theater… We get this request every day, “I want to build a complete Home Theater” sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Well, it can be but, without a professional that knows what a Home Theater needs to be a truly immersive experience, to be able to be called a "true" Home Theater, it can be … Read More »

Is your home’s foundation strong enough?

Worried about the power in your home? Watch this new video by our partner, Rosewater, to learn about the three main pillars that your home is built around and the foundation that holds those pillars into place. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing all held together by Power's all-inclusive web, that without, the entire home would become nothing more than a roof … Read More »

Trends for Smart Home Technology in 2021

Home Tech and Trends that, not only us, but our experts predict will be dominating the ever-changing world we are living through today. Hello Tech Enthusiasts! With technology updating and changing basically every week, we thought it would be helpful if we could lead the way into the future as best we could. We put this blog together to talk about … Read More »

CE PRO – Florida Integrator Helps Turn Outdoor Eyesore into an AV-Filled Oasis

Our purpose is to build areas that you, your family, and friends can enjoy daily and peacefully. We don’t set out with the goal of being awarded… but it does feel nice. Having our work noticed is good enough for us. Thanks, CEPro. https://www.cepro.com/markets/outdoors/florida-integrator-outdoor-project-neato-april/ See the digital magazine edition here: http://digitaledition.cepro.com/publication/?m=59704&i=654261&p=8 Read More »

The House of the year

Although BTA did not fly out to Hawaii to help create this masterpiece, their process and the trust in their architect is what BTA hopes to achieve with its clients. No matter what you build or who you build it with, design is extremely important. Working with someone you trust is extremely important, especially when it comes to your home … Read More »

BTA Home Technology Expo 2019

Experience the very latest innovations in home technology: audio, video, lighting, networking, surveillance, clean energy, and outdoor living. Learn more about new products, breakthrough innovations, world-class solutions for audio, video, lighting, networking, surveillance, clean energy, and outdoor living in one of the most incredible A/V showrooms in the USA. Click here to RSVP and book your demo sessions You are invited to experience … Read More »

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