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Koolik Tech Corner – Inspirational Home Offices

A home office crafted to your specifications with everything you're going to need to keep your life running from home. Stay inspired to continue your busy life even from home. COVID-19 may be distancing us from each other and keeping us from our workplaces but, with your home office, you can stay connected, informed, and on top of your game. … Read More »

Webinar – Go Behind the Scenes at Boca Theater

Register here: https: Join us for our one of a kind Webinar where our founder, Jeff Galea, will be going behind the scenes giving away all of BTA's secrets to running efficiently remotely. Learn how to work from home and connect from a distance with us! #stayhomesavelives Learn more about what we're doing regarding COVID19. Read More »

How can I make my home office more comfortable?

1. Invest in an ultra-comfy chair. Be sure to buy an ergonomic desk chair. ... 2. Maximize whatever lighting you have. ... 3. Keep the room tidy. ... 4. Organize your documents. ... 5. Always keep the room single-purpose. ... 6. Make sure the room's temperature fits you. 7. Tie up all the wiring. ... 8. Personalize the decor. Read the whole article here Think about it this weekend … Read More »

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