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Improve the air quality inside your home.

We are all spending a lot of time indoors these days. A commonly unknown fact is that residential HVAC systems simply circulate inside air – in other words, fresh air is NOT cycled in from the outside. Because of this, inside air is up to five times worse than the outside air in terms of air quality.

See and other similar studies.

Those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory diseases are more sensitive to dirty air, and studies have linked a number of health problems to particle pollution. This is why central vacuum systems were so popular when they were first introduced – rather than sending particulate back into the air we breathe, have the exhaust push it outside or into the garage.

There is another way to combat this problem, Intellipure. Intellipure has developed a simple standalone plug-in air filter system coming in a variety of sizes, from compact to full-size. These devices can clean 99.99% of particulate matter down to .007 micron in size.

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Please note: we are not giving medical advice nor advocating that this device will cure COVID or prevent its spread, but we do know it is far better than HEPA filters for many reasons. Unlike HEPA filters, which simply trap particles, this system destroys them. This means that organisms do not grow on the dirty filters causing worse problems the dirtier the filter gets. Also, this system can filter particles as small as a COVID molecule and even molecules 14 times smaller than that! Unlike HEPA filters, which are limited to particulates much larger than a COVID molecule.

If you have someone in your house with asthma, or simply want to breathe much cleaner air, this unit is the best you could ask for. It is currently being used in hospitals, clean medical rooms, government buildings and is backed by the military. Pre and post-filters last 6 months, the main filter lasts a year, and are safely disposable (no living organisms on them!). The unit itself is also very reasonably priced. We highly recommend this unit and are making them available for pick-up or onsite delivery to our local communities. Installation is as simple as finding a spot and plug-it-in. We recommend putting one in a bedroom, a home office, or any room where you spend a lot of time.

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