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BTA’s mission is to be the defining provider of essential and luxury technologies focused on improving the lives and livelihoods of our clients.

Whether it’s new construction, a renovation, or a simple retrofit – the devil is in the details. We know that the quality of the end result is directly proportional to the quality of the design. We also understand that technology and design are not focused on a single point in time; as your needs evolve, so must your home. We will walk you through every step of the process, so you can get to know us better as well as the tech we are integrating into your home. If you prefer, click here and speak with a specialist.

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Objective: identify a range of capabilities and costs to consider for your project.

At the beginning of our consultation process, we aim to get to know you and your needs/wants better. We’ll start with a warm meet and greet, followed by a tour of our showroom where we can showcase some of the options available. During our Home Technology Discussion, we will introduce you to key concepts that will help you better understand the range of capabilities and costs to consider for your project.

We’ll also conduct a General Needs Analysis to help us gain a better understanding of your specific requirements and priorities. This will help us to “paint the big picture” and provide you with a comprehensive plan that meets all your needs. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process, so you can make informed decisions about your home automation project.

The first step of the process is to simulate your projects’ cost range using the Home Technology Association’s Budget Calculator.

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Professional Design Services

Objective: Create a set of permit-ready CADs that will serve as a blueprint for your project.

These CADs will be so detailed and precise that they can be handed to anyone in our team doing the wiring, allowing them to easily follow and execute the plan. We will give you the CADs so you are aware of the wiring our team will be putting in place and what we are doing for your technology footprint.

The deliverables for this phase may vary depending on the specifics of your project but will always include a Low Voltage CAD identifying all our endpoints clearly. If lighting fixtures and control are part of your scope, then a Lighting Control and Circuiting CAD is also produced. Still, we always ensure that all CADs are finalized, approved, and permit ready. Our goal is to ensure everything is set up perfectly and to your satisfaction before moving on to the next phase. This phase ends when all of the CADs are finalized, approved, and permit-ready!

Finalized Packages

Objective: You will have fully engineered packages right down to the line-item, built specifically for your home.

This means you’ll have a clear understanding of what’s happening every step of the way, with no guesswork or surprises. You won’t have to worry about expensive last-minute change orders because everything will be planned out, in detail, in advance.

Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of your project is fully planned and budgeted for, with no surprises or unexpected costs along the way. With our finalized packages, you can rest assured that your project will be completed to your exact specifications, on time, and within budget.

bta design development process

Example Packages:


The installation consists of meticulously executed phases, from setting up the physical components to in-depth configuration, ensuring every setting resonates with your preferences. Following this schedule is as important for us as it is for you and your home because we are dedicated to getting your home up and running in the timeline we estimated.

It begins with the physical setup of your items, followed by intricate configuration and programming, ensuring every internal setting aligns with your needs. But our job doesn’t end there! Rigorous testing ensues, with coordination between onsite and remote teams for comprehensive system checks. Once everything is set, our Lead Tech will take you on an informative walkthrough, answering any questions you might have. By the time we wrap up and achieve what we call “Substantial Completion,” we guarantee everything will be seamlessly up and running and will be followed by an informative “end of project” package.


We take pride in revolutionizing the realm of customer support with our unique Customer Support system and White Glove Service. At BTA, communication is key. When clients contact us through our designated voicemail or email, the concern is immediately disseminated among our dedicated team. This obviates the necessity for clients to contact multiple personnel.
During the system warranty, most of our support is complimentary. Coverage spans from equipment and systems installed by BTA to integrated third-party equipment. While the equipment warranty adheres to the manufacturer’s guidelines, we ensure that labor is covered. We stay vigilant, ensuring your firmware remains up to date.

With BTA’s dedication, software updates, channel line-ups, and annual subscriptions are no longer concerns clients must manage. Our live data analytics are monitored by techs who work ceaselessly to ensure system efficiency and are trained to fix problems remotely without you even realizing it’s happened. In the face of adversities like prolonged power loss, our engineers can reboot and test systems remotely, update software, and even let you know if it’s a problem with your cable or internet provider.

After Warranty

Customer Support

Boca Tech and Automation understands the intricacies of modern home tech and is ready to assist. When you encounter challenges, simply request our On-Site Service and a BTA Home Technology Professional will visit your residence to address the problem, unless they can fix it remotely, which most of the time they can do. Our ‘a la carte’ support services are specifically tailored to meet individual tech needs, ensuring that you get the expert care your home deserves.

White Glove Service

However, our commitment doesn’t wane with the conclusion of the warranty period. Recognizing that technological ecosystems require periodic maintenance, BTA has pioneered the White Glove Service Program. This program is our testament to ensuring your systems’ longevity and ability to perform at optimal levels. If your system qualifies, BTA will proactively notify you a month before your warranty’s termination.

Our White Glove Service Program isn’t just a title; it’s a promise. As automation technology evolves, which is practically daily, this program takes the complexity out of the equation for you. It guarantees up-to-date systems, extends service hours, and ensures preferential treatment for members. Remote access, provided via BTA’s Dynamic DNS Service, brings the world to the user’s fingertips, allowing control of all network-enabled home devices. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our priority scheduling for members, ensuring they receive prompt attention, even during emergencies outside regular hours.

In essence, Boca Tech and Automation isn’t just about technology; it’s about ensuring peace of mind and an unparalleled service experience for you, your home, and your family.

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Committed to enhancing the lives of our clients, we would love the opportunity to speak with you about your vision. Simply fill out the form below and a member of our knowledgeable staff will contact you.


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