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Home Technology - Smart Homes

Does the thought of incorporating popular technologies such as the iPad® tablet, motorized shades, lighting control, and security systems seem overwhelming? In this fast paced course you’ll learn about the latest interior technology and how it shapes the spaces you design. You will get inspiration for how you can expand the breadth of your practice by incorporating technology into your designs without needing to be a technology expert. Learn more and watch it!

This course introduces participants to the residential smart home market and the opportunities arising from the increasing presence of technology in the home. Relevant industry trends and homeowner preferences will be discussed, as well as a high-level overview of smart home product categories such as lighting, shading, and temperature control. Additional topics covered include the benefits of voice control, considerations concerning third party integration, and the differences between cloud-based integration and local integration as they relate to products and systems. Learn more and watch it!

A “green or sustainable home” extends beyond recycling and energy efficiency. Clients today want to live a greener lifestyle. Participants in this course will discuss components of “living green”, and how using technology can help their clients live a greener and more sustainable life. Additionally, attendees will discuss the ways control systems can improve durability and enhance health as well as comfort of a home and its occupants through HVAC, lighting and lighting control, automated shading, smart appliances, and water usage. Participants will also discuss how a cooperative mentality among trades in the design and build process can help clients achieve their “green and sustainable goals”. Learn more and watch it!

There are many available options related to technology for today’s savvy clients, and this course will help guide participants through the myriad of choices. Participants will walk away from this course with a comprehensive overview of current home technologies available in today’s connected homes. The in-depth discussion will include wired vs. wireless, integrated systems—what they are and how they work—and engaging a trained electronic systems professional. Learn more and watch it!

Many new products on the market claim to be “smart”, but how do these devices actually improve your experiences in your homes? Learn what it takes to successfully integrate smart technology in your projects. Discover examples of how technology can enhance the lifestyle of homeowners and understand the critical considerations for service and support. Learn more and watch it!

Lighting Controls

This webinar provides an overview of standard residential lighting control systems compared to automated control systems. It will go into basic lighting design terminology and system components as well as attempting to give basic knowledge of various control solutions and the benefits each one provides. Learn more and watch it!

Lighting control has become a standard in new construction and existing retrofit solutions… those who have it love it and wonder how they ever lived without it! Participants will walk away from this course with a basic understanding of lighting control terminology, and the benefits and solutions related to lighting control- presented in simple, easy to understand language. Learn more and watch it!

Lighting control systems old and new. Learn about lighting control and it’s history, how it started and why. Learn how lighting control has evolved and what next gen control looks like, what it can do, and how easy it is to do it. Learn more and watch it!

Light is part of our daily lives and it plays a central role in the design of a visual environment. In this course, you’ll explore how lighting impacts health and well-being as well as tools to help ensure your lighting plan best illuminates your design. Learn more and watch it!

This course is designed to teach you all the features and benefits of LED lighting. It will go into depth on which systems work the best with LED lighting, the components of an LED system, and how they differentiate from a normal lighting system. It will also explain the efficacy and reliability of an LED system, how it will save you money and time. Learn more and watch it!

Navigating architects and designers on how light affects our environment regarding our health, safety, and welfare. A few of the themes are circadian focused lighting, flicker, glare, lighting and safety, lighting and perception, color temperature, and the impact of poorly designed lighting in our exterior environments. Attendees will gain knowledge of valuable lighting design facts which can be implemented in their future designs. Learn more and watch it!

In this course we will learn the reasons why the WELL Building Standard v1 is needed, how it’s structured, and what its benefits are. The students will learn which solutions are best when it comes to meeting Circadian Light requirements. Also learn the different features and modes of the WELL Building Standard and how to achieve them. Learn more and watch it!

Shading Solutions

In this course you will learn about the importance of residential shading. You will also gain a better understanding of the differences between motorized and manual shading, the importance of fabric characteristics and how it plays into the performance of shading fabric, and you will discover how automated shading systems maximize daylighting. Learn more and watch it!

In this course, students will be exposed to a wide variety of topics for shading fabrics including color, appropriate selection, fabric options, and the ability of shades to protect interior finishes and furniture. Learn more and watch it!

There are many different types of window treatments that can be installed in residential and commercial projects – including those used outside a structure. This course provides an introduction to these various types of products, the considerations (and client benefits) when automating shade and window treatment, and how to build your team of professionals when implementing this type of technology into your project. Learn more and watch it!

Home Theaters and Media Rooms

What is a home theater? This may sound like a question with a simple answer, but it isn’t. Participants in this course will come away with a very distinct definition of what a home theater is and what it isn’t! Discussions will also include basic acoustical physics, common mistakes in designing theaters, as well as specific design considerations related to video, lighting, electrical, safety, and comfort. Learn more and watch it!

Controlling and isolating sound is tricky-without the correct tools, the right people, and the proper design, the results are often disastrous. Participants in this course will review the needs for creating sound isolated specialty spaces and discuss how much sound isolation is needed in varying circumstances. In addition, attendees will dive into the three tools of sound isolation-mass, absorption, and mechanical isolation and the role of each in the design and build process, while discussing the process of designing and constructing a specialty space. Learn more and watch it!

Digital entertainment plays a huge part on the modern lifestyle and is something that can be truly astounding when experienced in the correct environment. Dedicated and convertible entertainment spaces need careful thought and professional design to perform well, and ultimately wow the homeowner. Learn more and watch it!

Design and Technology

Home electronics should integrate seamlessly into a home’s design and décor. This course reviews the three-pronged approach to hiding technology – advanced planning, design philosophy, and product selection, these being used to minimize the visual impact of electronics without compromising their performance. Specific challenges and recommendations related to hiding video displays, projectors, speakers, controls, cameras, equipment racks, and more will be addressed. Learn more and watch it!

As with other rough-in trades (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing), electronic systems should be planned for well in advance of construction and documented at the construction drawing phase of design. This course describes the process used by professionals in the project planning, design, and installation phases of electronic systems. Learn more and watch it!

This presentation will introduce architects, interior designers, builders, and remodelers to custom audio and visual solutions that can be seamlessly incorporated into residential and commercial spaces. Learn more and watch it!

This course will introduce the builder, designer, or architect to the benefits of hiding technology into the design and architecture of a project. The course will begin by defining the luxury experience in residential design. It will then dive deeper into audio and lighting as elements that influence the luxury experience. Finally, the course will present solutions for hiding these and other technologies into design and architecture. Learn more and watch it!

Outdoor Living

With technology playing such a huge role in our lives today, it’s only natural that our homes have technology everywhere too, whether it be indoors or out. The in/outdoor technology and entertainment market has grown beyond simple audio and video options. This course will provide design and build partners with expertise in outdoor technology options and knowledge in how the environment (including weather, location, and terrain) influences your outdoor equipment choices. Learn more and watch it!

Overview of how automated louvered pergolas are changing the way people are living outdoors. With outdoor living become a focal point for both the residential and commercial markets, a premium is placed on outdoor comfort. Our goal is to show how these spaces can be utilized in most weather conditions comfortably with the automated modern-day pergolas acting as the centerpiece of that space. Learn more and watch it! 

Power Management

Learn about the future of power grid technology! In our current age the way power is generated and managed has evolved. Increased call for personal microgrids and energy independence has led to astonishing breakthroughs in sustainable power technology. This course will show you the current future of personal grid technology and how it can keep your systems running through increased demand even with the aging grid infrastructure and frequent power outages. Learn more and watch it!

Intelligent energy storage is quickly becoming a leading energy management component when designing resilient smart homes with sustainable clean energy. This course provides an overview of the benefits of intelligent energy storage and why it is a crucial component for every home. We go over key design considerations and core applications, how it contributes to increased energy efficiency, and more. Learn more and watch it!

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“I want to build a complete Home Theater” - What really makes a Home Theater?

So, you want to build a Home Theater…

We get this request every day, “I want to build a complete Home Theater” sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Well, it can be but, without a professional that knows what a Home Theater needs to be a truly immersive experience, to be able to be called a “true” Home Theater, it can be a very difficult and time-consuming process.

I think it is a good idea to discuss just what a Home Theater is, and what it isn’t, to help you with your planning. So, because it seems to differ with every person that contacts us, without further ado here is what a complete Home Theater is.

Let me start with the easiest part,

  • A big TV is not a Home Theater.

  • A projector and screen do not make a Home Theater.

  • A TV and a sound bar? Most definitely not a Home Theater.

First and foremost, your space. Which room of the house is your entertainment room going to be in? Is it a dedicated space? Is it an open or closed space? Windows? These are just a couple of rudimentary questions and they’re all extremely important, things like sound treatment, carpeting, lighting, and actual room space are HUGE when creating your soon to be favorite room. For instance, the demo theater at Boca Tech and Automation’s 9020 Kimberly Blvd. showroom used to be a bank vault! The thick walls don’t absorb sound, there is zero natural light, and its large space made it ideal for a theater (except that drilling into the walls for speakers was not easy!).

A Home Theater is not just one aspect of entertainment, it isn’t just “my TV is huge” or “check out these bad*** speakers!” it is the seamless integration of these two minor parts, plus so much more. For the sake of this blog though, I’ll explain each piece in detail. Now, we get to choose a display. Either a large TV (these can be huge now, some over 100 inches!) or a projector and screen combination, this is so we know which components we can use in conjunction with the display and where we can place them. Speakers behind a projector screen could vibrate the screen or have air pushed back toward them, this would ruin your listening and viewing experience.

Next, we deal with the audio. We find out how powerful a system the client wants and decide which speakers to get them. We create a complete surround sound system, which includes at least three front speakers (Left, Center, and Right), two rear speakers, at least one subwoofer, and an audio/video receiver to power and chain them together. For a more complete and all-encompassing system, we would add two side speakers to completely encircle the user, four height speakers in the ceiling as a lid, and for the most realistic bass, we would, at the least, add a second subwoofer. This would be a complete Dolby Atmos system, an extremely lifelike and powerful way to listen to your music or watch your movies and shows.

You see “Surround Sound” as it is regularly called has come a very long way in the past few years.  Dolby Atmos for instance, is what we call an object-based system.  What this means is that a single item that moves on the screen can be heard moving around in the room, accurately matching the on-screen movements.  For instance, a Bee buzzing about on the screen will sound as if it is buzzing about in your room… right next to your ear.

Now, just the few things I have specified here have a pretty good number of parts (I haven’t even mentioned the misc. pieces that go into powering and linking all of these components together for control and continuity) and I can already hear people saying, “I do not want/need that many speakers/pieces of equipment in my room”, “I do not have enough space for all of this”, etc. don’t fret, I have good news… again.

The quality and performance of architectural or in-wall and in-ceiling speakers has gotten amazing over the last few years and I can assure you that, if need be, we can outfit a room without a single speaker sitting around on the floor or in a cabinet.  A room can now be designed based on the looks as well as the sound with speakers and even then, the speakers can be virtually invisible with no loss of performance whatsoever.  You can have your room and your Theater too! And with a localized equipment closet, all your appliances, and equipment stay in one place, almost anywhere you have space.

This article is meant just as a primer. There are a lot of considerations to take based on your room and how it will be used by you and your family. Will it be an area where you have meals? Will it be an area with multiple functions? Is it for recording things and must be completely sound absorbent? Here at Boca Tech and Automation, we love doing custom jobs and Home Theaters, in fact, that used to be our name, Boca Theater and Automation (we ended up changing it to better encompass everything that we do). We love bringing the dreams of our clients to life, creating one-of-a-kind rooms that all of their family and friends can enjoy.

So, when you’re ready to start the design of and build your dream room, give us a call!  We will set up an in-home consultation, or you can visit the showroom! Come in and get a glimpse at “The Vault”, our amazing theater, and get your creative juices flowing so we can work with you to design your own room!

Ron Lennox is VP of Business Development at BTA and is always trying to save the world from bad Hi-Fi!

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