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Experience the latest
in Custom Home Technology!

Take an hour long tour of the Boca Tech and Automation Design Center in Boca Raton, Florida, and learn about Entertainment, Security, Lighting and Shading, Voice Control with A.I, and many more indoor and outdoor solutions.

This course is licensed by the Department of Business & Professional Regulation of Florida – Board of Architecture and Interior Design. 

Course Number: 9879089.  Course License: CRS2974

And by the IDCEC – Course Number: 117633

Outline of the program

UST Demo Room IMG 0002 1

If you’re looking to learn more about the joys of living with technology then make an appointment and take this opportunity.

You will take a guided tour of the BTA Design Center accompanied by Jeff Galea, BTA CEO and Founder. On this tour Jeff will present every room in the facility, its specs, the equipment running it, plans, challenges, deadlines, accomplishments, alternative routes that could’ve been taken, and finally, Jeff will answer any questions you may have about the subject.

What you will experience:

1. Smart Home Technology Overview

 What is Smart Home Technology? This is technology that is created with the purpose of making your home safer, more reliable, more efficient, more entertaining, and all around easier to use. Learn in-depth how home technology makes this possible while also leaving your home capable of doing more. Thousands of possibilities make every home/office/space capable of evolving in different ways, from simple projects to complex whole home solutions.

View of our showroom’s Home Simulator, a miniature model of a home with fully functional automation features. It displays a variety of functions such as audio control, lighting adjustments, shades, entertainment, and video. This simulator embodies the power of automation in managing every aspect of a home.

3. Full Spectrum LED Lighting

Ready to experience light like you’ve never seen it before? Experience full spectrum LED lighting in real time with interactive displays, different surfaces to compare, and even multiple art pieces that look almost entirely different depending on the light exposure. Light is no longer simply on or off; it’s what shade, how bright, the intensity, artificial or natural, on the circadian scale or not, and a number of other factors that can be considered as easily as screwing in a new bulb.

At the front is a Josh.ai microphone and in the background there is an ALR screen with an UST projection showing the Kaleidescape movie list

5. Understand the basics and planning considerations for:

– Core Infrastructure, Life/Safety, and Security Systems

– Indoor and Outdoor Essentials

– Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment, and Specialty Outdoor Living

– Whole-home power protection with large-scale battery system

smart tech kitchen

2. Interactive Home Technology Simulator

When learning a new subject it’s always good to have teaching aids to help digest the knowledge, especially when there is so much of it. That’s why BTA made one of the biggest teaching aids of all… and it’s completely interactive. With working speakers, TVs, voice control, and more this Home Technology Simulator helps existing clients, new customers, Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, and students imagine everything their home is capable of in real time.

Dining Room IMG 1701

4. True Natural Language Voice Control (with Artificial Intelligence)

No more buttons, no more controllers, no more picking certain phrases to get your “smart” voice controller to work. With BTA’s latest integrations we can install an A.I voice control that accepts complex sentences and not simply preset commands. Walk into a room and say, “Good morning”, making your lights come on slowly so they don’t hurt your eyes, or “take me to the bathroom” at night which will light a pathway to your destination. Learn about all the control possibilities a true A.I. can bring you!

projects discussion

6. See residential-focused vignettes showing:

And More!

Make an appointment here and take this opportunity, we know you won’t regret it! Our showroom is loaded to the brim with the latest technology in lighting, security, entertainment, safety & wellness, outdoor living, comfort, and more.

Who's the Course for?

This course is great for anyone who want to learn about the latest home technologies on the market.

Interior Designers | Architects | Builders | Homeowners

If you need more information, please click here to contact us, or call us at (561) 999-9024.

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