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Ultimate Guide to Home Automation

What is Smart Home Technology?

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Simply put, smart home technology includes one or more connected systems, such as Audio/Video Entertainment, Lighting, HVAC, Motorized Window Shades, Door Locks or Security Cameras. The system is supported by a robust IT network and an easy-to-use control system. A user can securely manage their home from wherever they are from a single interface on a variety of devices.

Advanced home automation enables users to put many functions on auto-pilot. For example, turning on the lights when someone walks into a room, turning down the thermostat when no one is home, opening window shades in the morning or locking doors in the evening.

New smart homes are becoming even smarter, with intelligent learning being built in so that your home can discover your preferences and adapt system functions accordingly. Smart home technology is expanding into kitchens, living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. Many smart homes now feature dedicated entertainment spaces that make spending time at home even more pleasurable. These include custom home theaters and brand-new spaces such as virtual reality rooms.

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