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Being very connected to music from a young age, I was lucky enough to wander into my local HiFi shop in 1986. There, I found the wizards who could bring me closer to what I heard at live concerts than I ever thought possible from mere speakers. This experience is what sparked my 35-year journey, both as an audiophile and as a part of this industry that I love.

That shop created from scratch, in many of us, all kinds of passion for 2-channel audio. It was a place we could freely go and learn. We were never pressured or rushed, and our purchases came with the confidence that we were making informed decisions and that our ears would agree with those decisions. The words they used gave us a framework to begin the process of figuring out our preferences, and the knowledge they showed us made it clear that the physical gear could only take us so far. We found that part of the joy of our hobby is our influence over the sound. Learn more…

Exceptional Speakers

World Class Electronics

Turntables and Personal Audio

Matched Curated 2-Channel HiFi Systems Chosen to Work Together
Acoustic Room Analysis The Room Should Allow the System to Shine
Optimized System Setup Combining 1000 Details to Create Perfection
Turntables and Records A Great Way to Listen to Stereo Recordings
Personal Audio Get Lost in Great Headphones
Clean Power Critical to System Performance and Longevity

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