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Innovative Technology for a Better Life

Modern smart home systems are designed not only to simplify your technology but to anticipate your needs. Using a home automation system, you can enhance your home and simplify your life with a wide range of solutions. Get the ability to control the lighting, entertainment, climate, and security of your home flawlessly. You can remotely access your lights, home security, and surveillance from anywhere in the world.

No matter what your home automation needs are, we can help. From small project TV installation, to sophisticated home automation systems, our professionals will deliver the best results. We provide excellent installation and repair services for any brand of equipment you prefer for home automation palm beach fl.

What services do we offer?

Boca Tech and Automation offers products and services for residential settings. You can rely on us to provide top-notch service since we have been servicing the region for more than 20 years. You can also trust our staff with your house.

As a leader in the industry of home automation in Palm Beach FL, Boca Tech and Automation can provide a wide range of products and services for smart home installation. Our team will expertly integrate your technology into your home so it looks and works as one with the surroundings. In response to your ideas, our staff will offer suggestions, alternatives, and solutions that will help you realize your ideal arrangement.

Luxury Home Automation for Smart Living

Entertainment Handled to the Core

Are you seeking professional-quality entertainment for your home? Use our extensive selection of audio and visual integrations to amuse yourself, your family, and your friends. We have a solution to suit your needs, whether you want to watch the news while taking a shower, have a family movie night in your home theater, or listen to music by the pool.

Excellent Lighting for a World Class Experience

A whole-home lighting management system optimizes energy savings while creating the ideal ambiance in every space, indoors and out. Enjoy daily ease with lights that come on as you enter the house, and show off your entertaining skills with pre-programmed lighting arrangements for immediate ambiance. You can even reduce strain on your eyes and increase wellness with a proper circadian rhythm solution.

Smart Home Integrations with Automated Window Covering

With automated window treatments, you can improve the appearance of your house while lowering its energy consumption; saving money on utility costs, and creating a more pleasant environment at any time of the day.

Home Security Solutions that Protect Your Family

We work with you to design and deploy a security solution that will help transform your home into a safe haven. This is done without compromising your decor or style, it’s hidden and  so simple to use that you will forget it’s even there.

Connect with us at Boca Tech and Automation today and we will help you with the highest level of smart home automation in South Florida. We are a leading name in the industry with over 20 years expertise and a true love for what we do.

Call or email us today to start designing your dream home!

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