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In Boca Raton, and across South Florida, Boca Tech and Automation specializes in the design and installation of dedicated home theaters, media rooms, video systems, surround sound systems, and entire Home Automation solutions. With solutions that will elevate your entire in-home experience to new heights, smart home automation can change your life for the better. Our home theater Boca Raton professionals can give the sort of watching experience you’re looking for in the highest possible video and audio quality.

Dedicated Home Theater Installation and Design

In-home entertainment systems come in a variety of options. With a dedicated home theater Boca Raton, you can enjoy the best entertainment space for your home. These media and theater spaces are designed with specific features in mind for the best viewing experience for each individual. Everything from seat distances and speaker placement to direct and ambient lighting, acoustical treatments, and screen characteristics are included. Even those who don’t want a dedicated home theater room can benefit from home theater installation boca raton fl, which is built, installed, and tuned to deliver the highest level of audio and video possible. You can have a multipurpose media room with theater qualities.

Install a Surround Sound System

To have a proper design and installation of home theater Boca Raton  it must include a surround sound system. Our professionals have extensive experience designing surround sound systems that perfectly match your particular video setup and room.

You can watch the best movies, in the best quality, in the comfort of your own home thanks to our comprehensive home theater design and installation services. Every step of the journey, from planning and design to making equipment choices, our staff offers suggestions and direction. To guarantee that your project is successful and meets expectations, we designate a project manager to help you with everything you need during the home theater installation in south florida.

Home Theater Services

We provide a comprehensive range of goods and parts for ultra-high-end home theater installation in south florida systems that are of the highest quality, including:

  • High-end speakers and audio solutions for theater, whole-home audio, and HiFi room listening. Companies like CAT, Vandersteen, NAD, Moon by Simaudio, KEF, Dolby ATMOS, and more!
  • Remote controls from our most popular brand, Control4 systems, and apps for your phone, ipad, and computer.
  • Video and entertainment including Ultra short throw projection systems, video walls/huge panel displays, as well as Smart TVs and add-on choices like Apple TV and Roku.
  • Energy management and battery backup 
  • Lighting upgrades and control from companies like Lutron and Ketra
  • Much more!

For homeowners who don’t want to cope with tiny inconveniences or serious issues impacting the operation of their home’s automated systems and appliances, our White Glove service offers monitoring and support services for you to have peace of mind all year round. The majority of difficulties may be resolved with minimal disturbance to the homeowner thanks to our remote monitoring and support service.

High-end home theater systems are widely available from Boca Tech and Automation in South Florida’s Boca Raton. They take pride in providing concierge-like service and have been providing our clients with high-end solutions to improve their enjoyment of in-home entertainment. As a full-service home theater installation south florida supplier we also work with builders, architects, designers, and other tradespeople to make sure you receive the ideal home theater experience.

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