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Meet Our Automation Experts

Jeff Galea

CEO and Founder

Jeff graduated from General Motors Institute (Kettering University) with a BS in Electrical Engineering. His thesis entitled, “Local Area Networking,” resulted in the installation of GM’s first broadband coaxial cable network at its Syracuse, NY Fisher Body plant. Jeff moved to Boca Raton, FL where he was the key technologist tasked with building GM/EDS’s development center practice at IBM. As Chief Technology Officer for GM/EDS in Boca Raton, Jeff developed operating systems on Intel and PowerPC platforms and was co-inventor on US Patent 6,118,428 involving the integration of OS/2® and Windows®. After 15 years with GM/EDS, Jeff moved to Silicon Valley where he joined Aurum Software pre-IPO. As Director of Aurum’s consulting practice and later Vice President of Engineering, Jeff was credited with developing the first completely browser-based Sales Force Automation application in the industry. Jeff’s team simultaneously released the product in nine languages, after which Aurum went public and was acquired by The Baan Company. As Vice President of Engineering for Baan’s North America Front Office Division, Jeff’s team developed software that kept mobile phones synchronized with cloud servers to empower mobile sales forces at Fortune 500 companies. Jeff left Baan and co-founded The Cybrant Corporation, a pioneer in web-based guided selling solutions. Cybrant deployed its solution to multi-national companies including HP, Cisco, Dupont, Johnson & Johnson, and Mitsubishi, among others. As Vice President of Engineering and Chief Architect, Jeff was awarded a US Patent 6,404,445 for Cybrant’s core constraint engine technology which enabled complex products to be configured in a browser. Jeff moved back to Boca Raton, FL to run Cybrant’s Product Management, Engineering, and Support Teams as Cybrant grew to 150 employees in nine countries before being acquired by Blue Martini Software.

With an insatiable passion for high-end electronics and control software, Jeff left Blue Martini Software in 2003 to follow his life long dream of launching Boca Theater and Automation, Inc. focusing exclusively on integrating luxury A/V and control systems into homes, yachts, and businesses. BTA’s state-of-the art touch screen systems and luxury electronics have been deployed in some of the most prestigious homes and businesses in the U.S. from Fisher Island and Miami’s South Beach, to Palm Beach Island and East Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, with the majority of its customers located in Palm Beach County, Florida.  BTA continues to rank among the CEPRO Top 100 Integrators in the U.S. for more than a decade and counting, and two of BTA’s projects were featured in HGTV’s Top Ten Luxury Home Theaters which aired in U.S. and Canada. BTA is now Boca Tech and Automation, understand why here.

Mike Chirichella

Chief Financial Officer

Michael brings over 30 years leadership experience in senior management within healthcare, financial and logistics industries, including strategic initiatives, financial management, logistics, technology and sales with start-up, emerging and large organizations. Prior to joining BTA, Mike worked 12 years in wound care management, and lastly was one of the acquisition founders and Sr. V.P. of Finance for CūtisCare, a mid-sized, outpatient, hospital-based wound care management company. Previously, Mike has held C-Suite positions in Healthcare and Logistics. He earned degrees in Mathematics, Finance and Business Administration from St. John’s University and attended Harvard Business School Executive Program.

Ron Lennox

Vice President of Business Development

While attending the University of North Alabama in 1980, Ron was attempting to get a turntable off of lay-a-way and ended up accidentally joining the Hi-Fi Industry. He never looked back. Over the years Ron has worked for small Hi-Fi specialty shops, large regional specialists including Florida’s own Sound Advice chain and several major manufacturers including Meridian America, an industry leader in Digital Audio delivery. Ron also spent time with a few of the finest custom electronics integration companies in the Industry.

Along the way Ron was responsible for developing and implementing a number of training initiatives for salespeople, dealers of all size, and even end users; as well as product development for several manufacturers. Through all of the different companies and all of the many roles over the years Ron has never lost his love of, as he says, “saving the world from bad hi-fi”. With the mantle of VP of Business Development, Ron is continuing his journey throughout the technology laden industry we find ourselves in today.

Jim Reid

Director of Engineering

Jim graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. After graduating, Jim worked for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) for eight years. During this time, Jim traveled extensively as a design, development, and implementation specialist for EDS. In 1999, Jim joined The Cybrant Corporation, a pioneer in web-based guided selling solutions. As Director of Engineering, Jim led the team of software engineers that developed Cybrant’s server and browser-based runtime technology.

In 2005, Jim joined Boca Tech and Automation (BTA). Jim has designed, developed, and implemented many state-of-the-art touch screen control systems that have been deployed in some of the most prestigious homes in the U.S.

Marcio Gomes

Marketing Director

For over 30 years, Marcio has practiced the science and art of marketing, communications and advertising representing primarily Brazilian firms. In 2013, he relocated to the United States equipped with the wisdom and skills of a seasoned professional, and by 2018 was appointed Marketing Director for Boca Tech and Automation. In this position, Marcio oversees all digital and mainstream marketing events, communications, and social media platforms.  While Marcio’s tools have adapted over the years, his philosophy has remained constant: what makes a strategy successful is understanding people’s behaviors, identifying the best way to connect with the target audience, delivering the right message, and ultimately providing the best product or service possible. Marcio earned a bachelor’s degree in communications with a specialization in advertising from ULBRA and holds master’s degree in Communications from ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing). Marcio also served on the board of directors from 2007 – 2013 for ARP (Associacao Rio Grandense de Propaganda), the professional organization which regulates advertising in Rio Grande do Sul, the state in Brazil where Marcio lived and worked prior to moving to the US.

Jeremy Galea

Business Analytics Manager

Jeremy graduated in 2016 from Kettering University in Flint, Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration after completing a thesis titled GYMNET Business Concept. During his thesis, Jeremy, found his passion for business analytics and entrepreneurship, his thesis displayed an in-depth market analysis and business plan for the viability and creation of a web-based service that offers a global gym membership passport.

In the Metro-Detroit area of Michigan, Jeremy, went to work for several automotive supplier companies. Starting in procurement and logistics his ability to lead, plus a “can-do” attitude, and an overall positive energy quickly carried him to the role of Program Manager. In this position he oversaw a variety of interior lighting projects that can be seen in Ford and Tesla model vehicles ranging from years 2019-’21.

Not satisfied making car parts, Jeremy decided to pursue projects related to sustainable tech and find a way to do more for the world. To do this, he knew had to leave the automotive industry and ultimately, Michigan all together. With this newfound passion in renewable energy, technology, and automation, Jeremy, completed a second Bachelor’s Degree, this one in Mechanical Engineering Technology with a focus in Energy and Energy Conversion.

After receiving his second Bachelor’s from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, Jeremy found the perfect job for him at Boca Tech and Automation. BTA is a company that puts renewable energy, power management, technology, and automated solutions at the forefront of their services. After moving back to South Florida, Jeremy took up the mantle of Manager of Business Analytics at Boca Tech and Automation.

Adam Spangenthal

Custom Sales Specialist

A Palm Beach County resident since 1990 and a graduate of Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire, Adam brings more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience to BTA. Specializing in large commercial and residential projects, Adam has worked directly within different industries including commercial developers, construction companies, car dealerships, and the mega yacht industry, all with the goal to bring their technology projects to life. He also assisted in the marketing and sales development of Google’s Liquid Galaxy Display System.

Brad Nagy

Dispatcher and Warehouse Operations

Immediately following high school, Brad joined FAU’s Electrical Engineering program and within the first year he decided to change his focus to Mathematics exclusively. In 2010 he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics with the thought that he would pursue a career teaching high school math. As life often doesn’t work the way you expect, his part-time role in a production department of a printing and promotional goods company turned into a full-time role. Toward the end of 2012, Brad, joined the BTA team as a dispatcher and has expanded his role since then. In a company of employees that do more than their titles suggest Brad truly is a man who wears many hats.

David Galea

Marketing and Customer Experience

After graduating with an Associates from Palm Beach State University, David transferred to Florida Atlantic University and graduated with a Degree in English focused on Creative Writing. One day, David hopes to write novels, but for now, he is very much enjoying writing words about the technology he was raised to love. With a vivid imagination and a cheeky style of writing David writes for BTA’s Marketing Department and while in this position, he was able to publish his first article in Palm Beach’s Spotlight Magazine. Throughout High School and into his early college career, David was Captain of a two-time World Champion paintball team, letting his creative thinking and infectious competitive attitude lead his team to an illustrious career in a sport where most players are starved for success.

David grew up inside the industry, and with a father like Jeff Galea who is so involved in the Tech world it was practically a guarantee that he would pass on some of his craft. Growing up around so much tech David learned to appreciate the beauty of technology and the power it holds in everyday life. His Father taught him how the correct setup in a home can sound better than an opera house and be more entertaining than any public theater.

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So, does Music Matter…again?

loud speakers for home
The Special Forty anniversary speaker draws on 40 years of cutting-edge research – and brings it all together with Dynaudio’s most celebrated techniques and technologies.

In our everchanging fast-paced world, I am often asked “does music still matter”? Before I would hesitate to answer, but now, I believe I have an answer clearer than I have in many years… Yes, yes it does.

In the last few years, music seems to have become more and more convenient while simultaneously becoming lower and lower quality, all while no one seems to notice or care.

When did we decide that “good enough” was an acceptable way to describe our listening systems?

Good Enough is not good enough!

Now, along comes COVID 19… we enter a time when our whole world is slowing down for the first time in many, many years. Now, I am not going to get into the politics of this mess or claim to be a Doctor whose opinion on all things virus related should ever be listened to but, I do claim to be a bit of an aficionado on great-sounding music and the gear needed to reproduce it in the home.

People are really starting to care about and listen to music again. You see, music is many things to many people and when folks have time on their hands and need an escape, music is often the answer. Picture yourself sitting at home with your beverage of choice in hand and one of your very favorite “records” playing.  My goodness, that is relaxing.  You can just sit back and let the wonderful sounds wash over you… you haven’t been this relaxed in months, perhaps years.

speaker for living room

Music is transportive. 

Music is cathartic. 

Music is a connector.

One of the greatest things about music is how it can take you straight to another time and place mentally.  When was the last time you put on a song from your youth… whenever that was.  What happened?  In only moments you are completely overtaken by a rush of memories, can anything else besides music do that? Now, picture yourself playing that same favorite for your kids, even your grand kids.  They will probably complain a bit and make fun of your “oldies” but, they will always remember the experience.  Who knows, you may even create a new music lover that ends up enjoying your music even more than their current offerings. We can only hope, right?

custom home entertainment system

If you do not currently have a “great entertainment system” at home to enjoy your music on perhaps this is the perfect time to think about it getting one.  Music delivery has now come full circle, becoming outrageously convenient and simple, as well as delivering amazing sound at the same time.

You can easily stream all your favorite music on devices like the Roon player at sound quality levels only available to those with very big pockets.  All that quality with the ease of control from your computer, a remote, or the handheld smartphone you already carry everywhere with you.

home stereo
The Amethyst preamplifier is Trinnov’s flagship high-end stereo product.

These Roon players can easily integrate with a lot of great brands like NAD, Audio Control, Trinnov, and many others. Perhaps you still have a record collection from “back in the day”, well, we can set you up with a great turntable from companies like Thorens or Rega so you can enjoy them like you’re supposed to… again.

And the speakers! The speakers we offer can be either a beautiful part of your home’s décor, no matter the color, or even inside your walls, completely hidden from view if you wish.  We carry speakers from many companies such as Dynaudio, Sonance, Monitor Audio, Theory Audio, KEF, and JL Audio just to name a few.

There has truly never been a better time to enjoy what music can do for you than right now.

home audio system home audio system home speakers

Ron Lennox is VP of Business Development at BTA and is always trying to save the world from bad Hi-Fi!

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