Smart Home Controls

From entertainment to security,

C4 can integrate it all

Control solutions are the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to home automation systems. Control4 has a system that can integrate all the tech in your home. Now, instead of using a multitude of different apps, or remotes, to operate multiple things in your home, you only need one. Manage them all with a simple tap, or a single voice command, or even allow things to happen automatically with no interaction at all.

Your Home Simplified

A true smart home makes your life more convenient and your home safer, more comfortable, and easy to enjoy.

Control4 is a leading automation system for homes that offers a personalized and unified smart home solution that can connect all your systems such as lighting, climate/temp, security, doorbell intercom, audio, and video. Through a C4 Touchscreen, a remote, or your phone, you can automate your home for any occasion. Whole home management allows homeowners the luxury of operating multiple platforms and systems in one easy-to-control location. C4 pairs well with many manufacturers and products to create the best interface for your home. C4 is made to make your life a bit easier and a little more simplified.


  • Complete home automation with a single voice command or a remote control
  • Have your house ready when you wake up with open shades, lights on, and the radio softly going
  • Personalized automation, C4 can know what times you come home or get ready for bed
  • You can access C4 anywhere, even when you aren’t home

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