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Optimizing Lighting Control Systems with Ketra

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By David Galea.

Lighting should come with no limits! While you may realize its role in normal daily life, the impact is actually much larger than you can imagine. From setting the mood and ambiance to ensuring well-being and health, your home’s lighting can do so many things. That’s why you should invest in intelligent lighting control systems by reputed brands, such as Ketra products. Here’s how BTA can use optimized smart lighting to transform your once normal space into something more in no time.

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Convenient Control Features
Automated lighting offers various ways to turn lights on/off or adjust the brightness at your will. You can use wall-mounted switches, hand-held remotes, even voice control, and AI interfaces – the choice is up to you! You can connect your lighting system to your everyday smartphone or tablet and bring control to your fingertips or place microphones for systems like around your home to control lighting with a word. All these options bring a form of highly convenient control to your lighting.

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Pre-Programmed Settings
Another way lighting control systems can make life easier is by adding the ability to choose from preprogrammed scenes, colors, and modes that are ideal for different situations. Selecting the desired lighting for a specific mood is as quick and easy as hitting one button or saying a phrase. For instance, “reading” mode can increase the brightness over your table without becoming too bright, which you can turn off when done or a “nightlight” mode bring your lights up to a minimum, such as .1% to ensure you can see without the need to squint your eyes against the brightness.

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You can create modes such as “pathway” – this is where a path of lights, low enough for late night, lead you to places such as the bathroom or the kitchen. You can also set up seasonal or holiday scenes, a spooky purple, orange, and black lighting arrangement for your exterior on Halloween can be activated with a simple “Halloween Time” button or phrase.

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Increased Safety and Security
You might have feared for your safety while navigating your way to the bathroom at night or struggling to find the switch when coming back home at night, smart lighting makes that struggle a thing of the past by bringing the control to your phone or even creating an automatic trigger to handle it without you thinking about it. You feel safer as you can turn lights on and off as per the need using a remote control or your phone from anywhere, even away from home. Frequently switching on the light while not home also helps to discourage criminals from breaking in.

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Energy Efficiency
Automated lighting systems are designed to provide the exact amount of light for every need, meaning you’ll be able to see what you’re doing no matter what it is at the correct level – don’t turn the lights on full blast in the middle of the night. These systems consist of light and motion sensors that can detect the brightness of available light and movements in the room and adjust the lighting accordingly. They also come with dimming functionality that helps cut utility costs, allowing you to contribute to sustainability and save a considerable amount on monthly energy bills.

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Dozens of Options
Everyone is different and may expect varying settings to appease their comfort. Thankfully, lighting systems come with dozens of options to choose from, so you can go for the one that fits your mood the most. You can even ask your designer to create natural lighting that adjusts to your daily rhythms with time sensitive, motion sensitive, or even solar sensitive (Circadian lighting) triggers. With automated lighting, the possibilities are endless!

The Bottom Line
Lighting control systems are worth every dollar spent, and we promise they’ll recover what you spent faster than you think! They are an excellent way to maximize your energy savings by creating custom lighting moods for every occasion, using more efficient lightbulbs, and making things look just as bright or brighter with more sophisticated lighting techniques. So, if you have already made up your mind, get it installed as soon as possible and flaunt your lighting prowess with preset lighting configurations; for instance, create the perfect dinner ambiance or party setting.

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When doing so, make sure to find a company that can do the job without cluttering up or destroying your walls. And if you’re looking for the best, look no further than Boca Tech and Automation. BTA is Ketra Certified and the only showroom in Palm Beach County, South Florida that carries Ketra products. Our lighting systems allow you to manage your lighting on the go even when you’re far from home for business or vacation. If you’re looking for an unmatched lighting experience for your home, reach out to Boca Tech and Automation today at so they can begin your lighting plan!

By David Galea – David, as a part of our Marketing and Customer Experience Departments, is always searching for and writing about innovative solutions that fit into our company’s and our clients’ needs.

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