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Protecting your Family

With Custom Home Security Solutions

Boca Tech and Automation works with you to design and deploy a security solution that will make your home a safe haven. We gather products from around the world and assemble them into a custom home security setup. We can provide solutions from a simple “nanny cam” to transforming your home into a fortress. All without compromising your decor, keeping it so simple, you will forget that it’s even there.

Network Security

Critical Security in a connected world.

We live in a connected world, almost everything in your home is connected to the internet. Having enterprise grade network security is no longer a luxury it is a necessity. IT security is an ongoing process that requires full time attention.  We make sure that our clients are always on the leading edge of security.


  • Cloud managed networks ensure that your security is always up to date.
  • Ongoing firmware and security updates to mitigate the latest threats.
  • Enterprise level solutions includes remote service for software issues.

Intelligent Video Surveillance

More than meets the eye.

Our surveillance systems may look similar to other camera systems, but nothing could be further from the truth. We build systems that combine full HD video with a variety of technologies to create an intelligent system that monitors your environment around the clock. The system can include audio, thermal imaging, motion analytics, object statistics, and behavioral/motion sensors that alert you to changes within or around your environment. More exciting is that all of the technology can be managed and monitored from objects like your smartphone and computer.


  • Intelligent cameras alert you when an incident occurs.
  • Components with no moving parts and self contained recording ensure reliability.
  • A large number of camera styles and optics provide custom-tailored solutions.

Entry Control

Enterprise Security without the complexity.

Our systems make entry to your home easier than ever before for those allowed to enter while increasing security exponentially. You no longer have to choose between safety and convenience; Bluetooth, RFID, keypad and even facial recognition biometric devices allow multiple security solutions that we can implement to find the right custom home security solution for you.


  • Never miss a visitor because you were not at home.
  • Make instant changes to who can enter your home and when they are authorized.
  • No more children who forgot or lost their key. They are the key.

Fortified Entries

Prevention not Deterrent

We offer custom-made ballistic doors that prevent all forced entry. These products are handmade and will blend seamlessly with your décor. The unique blend of old-world European craftsmanship with state-of-the-art security and technology make these the foundation of any top-level security solution.


  • Highest level of protection available.
  • Hides beautifully in your existing decor.
  • Not reliant on any other technology.

"Thank you!! We can sleep again, After the break-in, I never felt comfortable in my own home. Now we actually sleep better than we did before the incident. You have given us peace of mind. That is truly priceless."

-- Residential Client Long Island N.Y.


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