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Boca Tech and Automation is the go-to company that can design and build every aspect of your outdoor living project. The expertise to add whatever you want to your outdoor area and the luxury of being able to do it all at once. BTA has found a way to bypass the “wait for person A to finish so person B can start” bottleneck by taking the best of the best and bringing them together to create one simple solution, Outdoor Living. Love going into your yard again, enjoy the outdoors all year long, and add new usable space to enhance your home.

Motorized Pergolas

Custom built to meet your specifications

Roof slats automated to be fully functional and controllable at the touch of a button. Open it up at night to see the stars and close it during the day to keep it cool. A roof that is controllable, functional in all types of weather, and smart.


  • Smart roof under your control. Strong, lightweight, and non-combustible.
  • Adaptable to create the perfect conditions every time you use it.
  • Keeps unwanted elements out.

"We have worked with the team at Boca Tech and Automation for several home projects over the course of the last few years and are always impressed with their level of professionalism and dedication to the utmost care in their customer service and quality. Our family highly recommends BTA for any home audio and automation needs. "

-- M. Rivers

Hurricane Rated Bug Screens

A bug screen able to stand up to a hurricane, what else is there to say?

Keep the bugs out without the worry of a torn screen in an overnight storm. Auto correcting and strong these screens let you enjoy the outdoor life without the annoying bugs of outdoor life.


  • Strong enough to prevent tears and rips.
  • Self-correcting screen which cuts maintenance cost and time.
  • Goes perfectly with every outdoor space.

"I have been impressed with Jeff, and the rest of the team since first meeting them in 2006. Their care and attention have never faltered. Their ability to often times fix issues remotely allows them to work from home hence coverage from their "White Glove" service up to 11 pm at night. Many thanks, BTA. Keep it up."

-- E. Edwards


Strong and beautiful hardscapes that look amazing and last that test of time

Durable and robust hardscapes placed exactly to your specification. Cut to perfection and built to last, these hardscapes are one of a kind in terms of look, strength, and safety.


  • Many different colors and stone types to match any yard.
  • Custom cut and fit into your project.
  • Variety of placement patterns to ensure your walkway and patio is one of a kind.

"Boca Tech and Automation has been great to work with, not only are they on the cutting edge of innovation but they are there to maintain the equipment they have installed to eliminate any long term concerns you might have."

-- J. Radtke

Landscape Lighting

In all the shades of the rainbow, and more

Custom colored scenes and effects that can be used to match your personality, brighten a season, and even decorate for the holidays. Spice up your house lighting from your phone with a control app to make sure your lights look exactly how you want.


  • Custom colored RGB lights, controllable from an app.
  • Scenes set to change during season, time of day, holiday, or whenever you feel like it.
  • Set your favorite colors in a scene and make your house look unique.

Outdoor Audio

Crystal clear audio no matter what you stream from

Listen to your shows and movies, radio or music, even videos from your phone easily. Sound that spreads equally throughout your outdoor area without overflow in to the neighbor’s yards. Find speakers that don’t just sound good, but look good. Various models and brands to match any style.


  • Quality sound you can trust from weather rated speakers you can depend on not to break.
  • Sound blanketing that fills the entire area.
  • Various colors, models, and sound qualities, making sure you find the perfect fit with a sound you love.

Outdoor TV and Projection

Television and projection that doesn’t fade in the sun

Clear picture no matter what you’re watching. From TV apps to Blu-ray the picture is vibrant enough to be seen during the day and the TV is durable enough to be outdoors. Variety of sizes to go as big and bold as you want.


  • Choice of brand, model, and durability rating depending on outside placement.
  • Variety of mounts available including swivel mounts.
  • Durability to fight the elements, even the scorching Florida sun.


Strong reliable internet to keep you connected wherever you are outside

Powerful signal to keep the picture quality of your live stream up outside, and to make sure your face time with family doesn’t drop or lag. Strong outdoor WiFi will keep all your toys outside working at optimal levels.


  • Strong enough to evenly cover the whole yard.
  • Encrypted network ensures everything you do is secure, even outside.
  • Connect all your devices and TV’s for control and streaming.

Artificial Turf and Putting Greens

Maintenance free and beautifully green

Designed to be the perfect height at all times. Maintenance and hassle free, these turf lawns are perfect for every season. Never mow or water your lawn again! Save time and money with the added benefit of protecting the drainage, irrigation, and wiring underneath. BTA lays extra piping to prepare for future remodels and pre-wires, so the turf stays pristine once it’s placed.


  • Create your perfect, maintenance free yard and never have to mow again.
  • Keep your lawn at the ideal level and never fuss with sprinklers again.
  • Add a custom putting green to play with family and friends, even add a sand trap.

Eco-Friendly Irrigation with Integrated Drainage

Built right into the ground this drainage system is efficient, eco-friendly, and state-of-the-art

Laid underneath your turf and designed to stay safe and efficient. The drains and irrigation designed and placed by us are state-of-the-art and proven to work. Keeping your plants watered while making sure there is no over usage of water. Monitored by your system an alert will let you know when there is a leak, low flow, or even shut off if it rains.


  • Totally invisible and designed to be maintenance free.
  • Keep your yard and turf from flooding during heavy rain while draining the water to a safe location.
  • Extra piping laid out for future wire runs incase you think about upgrades.

Integrated Fireplace Control

Light the fire from a safe distance from the warmth of your home.

Warm yourselves or prepare to make some delicious s’mores with an outdoor firepit or indoor fireplace. Both with the capability to be remotely controlled through a phone app, iPad, or touch panel. Increase safety by keeping the kids away when you change the intensity of the fire for cooking. Design your fireplace how you want it; you design it and we’ll build it.


  • Stay a safe distance away while you light your fireplace with the touch of a button.
  • Control intensity effectively.
  • Add a timer setting to make sure the fire goes out if you forget.

Integrated Pool Control

Control your pool equipment from your phone and touch panels effectively

Keep the jacuzzi heated and the pool at the perfect temperature all from your phone or control panel/iPad. Turn the lights on and off or built in features of your pool like a waterfall. Control all aspects of your pool equipment from our integrated control systems. Create vacation mode settings to make sure you don’t waste money when you’re not using it, even be alerted when something happens like a pump malfunction.


  • Control temperature and all other aspects of your pool and jacuzzi remotely.
  • Monitor problems with pool equipment remotely with auto-updates.
  • Check chemical levels and be alerted to problems no matter where you are.

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News & Updates

So, does Music Matter…again?

loud speakers for home
The Special Forty anniversary speaker draws on 40 years of cutting-edge research – and brings it all together with Dynaudio’s most celebrated techniques and technologies.

In our everchanging fast-paced world, I am often asked “does music still matter”? Before I would hesitate to answer, but now, I believe I have an answer clearer than I have in many years… Yes, yes it does.

In the last few years, music seems to have become more and more convenient while simultaneously becoming lower and lower quality, all while no one seems to notice or care.

When did we decide that “good enough” was an acceptable way to describe our listening systems?

Good Enough is not good enough!

Now, along comes COVID 19… we enter a time when our whole world is slowing down for the first time in many, many years. Now, I am not going to get into the politics of this mess or claim to be a Doctor whose opinion on all things virus related should ever be listened to but, I do claim to be a bit of an aficionado on great-sounding music and the gear needed to reproduce it in the home.

People are really starting to care about and listen to music again. You see, music is many things to many people and when folks have time on their hands and need an escape, music is often the answer. Picture yourself sitting at home with your beverage of choice in hand and one of your very favorite “records” playing.  My goodness, that is relaxing.  You can just sit back and let the wonderful sounds wash over you… you haven’t been this relaxed in months, perhaps years.

speaker for living room

Music is transportive. 

Music is cathartic. 

Music is a connector.

One of the greatest things about music is how it can take you straight to another time and place mentally.  When was the last time you put on a song from your youth… whenever that was.  What happened?  In only moments you are completely overtaken by a rush of memories, can anything else besides music do that? Now, picture yourself playing that same favorite for your kids, even your grand kids.  They will probably complain a bit and make fun of your “oldies” but, they will always remember the experience.  Who knows, you may even create a new music lover that ends up enjoying your music even more than their current offerings. We can only hope, right?

custom home entertainment system

If you do not currently have a “great entertainment system” at home to enjoy your music on perhaps this is the perfect time to think about it getting one.  Music delivery has now come full circle, becoming outrageously convenient and simple, as well as delivering amazing sound at the same time.

You can easily stream all your favorite music on devices like the Roon player at sound quality levels only available to those with very big pockets.  All that quality with the ease of control from your computer, a remote, or the handheld smartphone you already carry everywhere with you.

home stereo
The Amethyst preamplifier is Trinnov’s flagship high-end stereo product.

These Roon players can easily integrate with a lot of great brands like NAD, Audio Control, Trinnov, and many others. Perhaps you still have a record collection from “back in the day”, well, we can set you up with a great turntable from companies like Thorens or Rega so you can enjoy them like you’re supposed to… again.

And the speakers! The speakers we offer can be either a beautiful part of your home’s décor, no matter the color, or even inside your walls, completely hidden from view if you wish.  We carry speakers from many companies such as Dynaudio, Sonance, Monitor Audio, Theory Audio, KEF, and JL Audio just to name a few.

There has truly never been a better time to enjoy what music can do for you than right now.

home audio system home audio system home speakers

Ron Lennox is VP of Business Development at BTA and is always trying to save the world from bad Hi-Fi!

Read Full Article in News & Updates

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