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From Amps to Turntables

Shop all new and used high end audio equipment from amps to turntables. Boca Tech has all the home audio equipment you need for your home system.


Our hand selected amps and pre-amps take basic audio signals and transforms them into a high end HiFi sound.

We will buy back most amplifiers and preamplifier equipment for resale, piece must be in working order and proper condition.


Get a speaker that looks as good as it sounds.

Looks, quality, sound. The speaker is the piece of equipment under the most scrutiny, it’s seen and heard more than any other HiFi piece. Don’t worry, we only sell the best HiFi speakers.


Receive the best quality music for your top of the line system

Receives the data bitstream (Tidal, Pandora, Spotify, Qobuz, CD player, etc.) and converts it in to the sound you’re looking for!


Cables guaranteed to affect the way you hear your system

Our choice of cabling ensures your sound is delivered from component to component, flawlessly and consistently.

Power Conditioning

Don't let something like power dictate your entertainment.

We use stable, consistent power to ensure your equipment performs to its potentional, whenever you want.


A personal and highly engaging method of listening to all your audio content.

Over the ear or in, these headphones are the highest quality and best sounding personal listening items in the business.

Acoustic Room Treatment

Gets the room out of the way so you can experience your unique system perfectly.

Don’t force your tastes to conform to the the only acoustic panels available, get custom panels fit for your room, not the other way around.


Classic, powerful, bespoke. Enjoy the music you remember the way you remember it, only better.

Classic technology turned new-age. These turntables play all your old-school records in the highest quality possible.


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